Sales Representation

We increase parts sales with our professional sales representative
  • We provide GPS Managed and Trackable Professional Field Representatives!
  • Our Representatives will gladly distribute any promotional items provided from your dealership!
  • Our field representatives are required to make an average of 15 shop calls a day while in the field!
  • Our field representatives are required to visit with our parts managers on a regular basis to report back your satisfaction!
  • Our field representatives encourage the repairers to purchase their parts from you and also help facilitate the orders for them!
  • Our field representatives are all provided smart phones and are a quick phone call away from any of your local shops for assistance in the field! 

Marketing Strategies

We increase part sales with our innovative marketing strategies & techniques.
  • Our professionally designed wholesale directory delivered directly to your repair shops
  • Your dealer name and logo including phone #’s and contact names on our wholesale directory
  • We will deliver most all provided marketing items on all our daily stops to repair shops
  • We provide action reports regarding new parts sales, feedback as well as customer service issues

Technology Support

We assist your wholesale repair shops with latest ordering solutions. 
  • Setup PartsNow application
  • Connect EMS files and user accounts
  • Order walk-through